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  • Clinton Roy

    Clinton Roy

    Clinton is an Open Source software engineer, who has spent most of his career supporting researchers in a wide variety of fields. At the moment they are at the Australian Synchrotron. Clinton has had an interest in formal methods since introduced to them at university.


Particle accelerators are large scientific instruments that provide insights into the very small. They are extreme instruments solving unique problems, which ends up requiring a lot of bespoke software, some of which turns out to be useful in other domains (e.g. the web). This talk will cover some of the details of the particle accelerator I work at, the Australian Synchrotron, and the large stack of open software it runs on. The talk will include just enough physics, chemistry, engineering and electronic knowledge to give a taste of the problems we face, and the software we use to solve them. A lot of the talk will be devoted to the outcomes of the Synchrotron.