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  • Brent Wesley

    Brent Wesley

    With 30 years in Development, Systems Administration and Networking, Brent is a seasoned veteran in the Queensland IT Industry. Brent is currently part of the Information Systems team at NRG Gladstone Power Station. His role is focused on Networking and Systems integration. His previous roles included Senior Consulting for several Central Queensland MSP’s. Delivering large scale projects including virtulization, security and cloud migration. Brent has a long history of development and support in the opensource community, starting in the early days of Linux with HUMBUG in 1995 which he was president for 4 years. Off the clock Brent is a very active member of the Home Automation community in Australia and abroad. Brent is founder and lead Administrator for the Home Automation Australia Facebook Group (26,000 members). Loves tinkering with ESP based devices, and Home Assistant.


For seasoned networking engineers, the transition to IPv6 can appear daunting, with its unfamiliar network addresses and perceived complexities. This talk acknowledges these challenges while offering a pragmatic perspective on implementing IPv6 in home or SMB networks. While not a comprehensive tutorial, the session provides a foundational overview of IPv6 fundamentals, demystifying its intricacies. Attendees will gain insights into IPv6 basics and practical guidance on its deployment. Configuration examples using pfSense and OPNsense will be showcased, although the principles discussed are applicable across various routers and firewalls. By bridging theory with examples, this talk equips networking professionals with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the IPv6 landscape effectively. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of IPv6 and pave the way for seamless integration into modern network environments.