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  • Jana Dekanovska

    Jana Dekanovska

    Jana Dekanovska is a well-known threat intelligence analyst, with a particular interest in the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber security. She serves as a Strategic Threat Advisor at CrowdStrike, where she holds responsibility for their cyber threat intelligence business across Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.


AI is a hot topic in cyber security. Everyone is curious about it. Excited about its use cases and nervous about the problems it may cause in the wrong hands. AI as a tool can be used by both defenders and adversaries. This talk will focus mainly on what the adversaries are doing from the offensive perspective and unpack the concept of Adversarial AI that will fundamentally change the threat landscape and lower the barrier of entry for adversaries to enter the cyber security game. The underlying openness of AI means that we can now take the collective knowledge of many smart people and bend the time and knowledge gap, giving this advantage to the adversary, creating threat actors that are smarter, faster and have the ability to do more damage. AI is going to change the threats as we know them today and is the next big problem we are facing in security. Jana will discuss how adversaries are using AI today, how it could be used in the future, and how this will affect your business.