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  • Darryl Bond

    Darryl Bond

    Darryl is a retired IT manager for a large industrial site with a background in electrical engineering and control systems. Darryl is a long time linux enthusiast whose first linux installation was Yggdrasil, then SLS, Slackware then Red Hat and attendee of many Darryl developed usbrelay to automate his watering system. The project is now packaged in Debian ,Fedora and others. Retirement meant being able to do the things he wanted to do which inevitably was fiddling with home automation. Hacking on microcontrollers is cheap and fun and with the advent of the ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms, Internet of things became mainstream.


The Internet of Things revolves around IP connected small devices. Tasmota was developed to provide an open source way for end users to control Sonoff devices. The project has evolved into a generic platform targeting ESP8266 devices and peripherals. With the extra capacity and capability of the ESP32, the Berry scripting interpreter was added to Tasmota. Berry provides a simple means to implement complex programs using the supporting Tasmota infrastructure and hardware drivers. Berry is a lightweight modern language interpreter with constructs similar to python and ruby. This talk describes the capabilities and how to get started using Tasmota and Berry