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  • Hamish Coleman

    Hamish Coleman

    Hamish has always liked to bend hardware to his will, which led to a career as a Sys Admin and means that he is always trying to understand what he can see inside the box. His quest to make computers do his bidding (and not theirs) has continued to drive his tinkering with software and hardware at home and at work. He believes in empowering others to escape outside the box and bend technology along with him! Hamish is unsure where he currently lives but where ever he ends up, he always needs to access computers somewhere else.


Presenting n3n - a cross platform peer-to-peer VPN system that can easily be setup and quickly be used by end users of all kinds. Unlike most common VPN systems, this is a Layer-2 VPN - which simplifies some use cases (some users are running retro LAN games because of this) and is focused more on seamless peer-to-peer mesh connectivity than other VPN systems. Due to this focus on peer to peer connections, it can also be more decentralised than many traditional VPN systems. In this talk, I will discuss how this project came to start, show you the concepts of how the system works, how simple this is to install and put into practice and why I think it is a good solution for a lot of common remote access cases.