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  • Felicity Brand

    Felicity Brand

    Felicity is a technical communicator working in open source. She enjoys helping writers and non-writers create great written content! She works remote and asynchronous for Open Strategy Partners, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.


Open source technology, practices, and thinking have revolutionized how we innovate, collaborate, and do business. Open source is everywhere; we won! So how come nobody knows? Is it winning when you have to keep telling people you won 🤔 Ever have trouble explaining open source? You know it’s cool, but does your mum? After 24 years, everybody uses FOSS software — but we still have to explain what FOSS means and how open source works. We build international communities of experts sharing our best ideas, building businesses, and generating value – but proprietary vendors continue to win pitches where open source solutions should be the obvious choice. Are we forgetting to tell the most important story? Open source — and we — have the potential to create positive change beyond just software. This session will explore open source at different scales, from small but meaningful to vast and vital to our future. The economics of open source doesn’t get taught in schools, but the philosophy and practices transcend our daily routines and businesses to shape societies, the world, and our future. Can it promote peace, democracy, and even save international development aid? Whatever you arrive with, you’ll leave with persuasive stories for your pitches, examples of world-changing projects, resources, and the inspiration to tell people about this crazy thing we do that makes the world a tiny bit better every day.