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  • Arjen Lentz

    Arjen Lentz

    Arjen is originally a programmer, and likes playing around with C, Go, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. Arjen has been a long term member of the Australian open source community, first in databases from MySQL AB to his own consulting company. After a stint in the security realm at Catalyst IT Australia, he is now Senior Consultant at Sekuro.


Pondering learning a new programming language, or perhaps considering programming for the first time? Go might be the go! This relatively modern language (2009), designed at Google, does many interesting things in a very modern and compact way. In this talk, we’ll look at how Go works, and how to start doing something of interest: - How are programs organised, how do we tell the computer what we want to do? - Setting things up… - Doing some fun and useful stuff! - Trying things, seeing some ideas not work, adapting, trying again. Success! Your take-away will be, hopefully, new insight in how programming works, and how to put your new skills to good use.