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  • Liz Quilty

    Liz Quilty

    Liz Quilty has been a Linux user and in the IT industry for more than a couple of decades. She has fixes whatever is broke, and if she doesnt know, she will work it out. Linux Sys Admin by trade, but like your typical sysadmin often ends up debugging and writing code also regularly.


Do you know what young people are doing these days? Are we getting more women in tech? Recently I worked with ShadowTech, where they get girls to follow women in tech for a day, to see what they do, and how they do it. During this presentation, I delve into how I explained my job as a Linux System administrator to 20 young girls, and helped them to set up (and crash) a server. Empowering them to work things out themselves, while having fun It's about giving back to communities, providing access to resources who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access them, so they can be productive and achieve better things for everyone.