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  • Elton Shih

    Elton Shih

    Elton Shih is a Research Engineer at Audinate's Technology Office, focusing on systems-level and embedded systems explorations for next-generation AVoIP. Alongside this role, he contributes as an academic member at UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering, teaching undergraduate computing courses covering computer systems, microprocessors and interfacing, and digital systems design. During his Honours year, Elton was part of the Embedded Systems Research Group at UNSW. His project involved hardware acceleration for genomic sequencing processing, specifically optimizing the data processing of a nanopore sequencer's real-time selective sequencing pipeline using a cost-effective edge SoC with embedded FPGA. Elton's passion lies in hands-on system-level development and digital hardware design, most often working on RTOS, embedded Linux, and FPGA-related projects. He firmly believes that enhancing the performance of applications and computing systems necessitates a holistic approach, bridging the gap between hardware and software to achieve optimal efficiency. Outside of work, Elton enjoys traveling and shares his space with a furry companion, a cat.


Over the past decade, Dante by Audinate has been at the forefront of transforming the audio-video landscape, replacing traditional single-purpose cabling with cutting-edge networking solutions. Our range of solutions spans diverse technology platforms, from microcontrollers and FPGAs to desktops and the cloud. Specifically, our microcontroller-based "Ultimo" provides a low-cost, low-channel-count audio networking solution widely embraced in microphones and speaker equipment. However, no journey is without its challenges. The Ultimo, a FreeRTOS-based implementation tailored to a single microcontroller portfolio, faced unprecedented obstacles during the chip shortage triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak. This crisis served as a catalyst for Audinate to initiate a product refresh in 2021, transitioning our microcontroller-based Dante system from FreeRTOS to the dynamic Zephyr RTOS. In this presentation, we will delve into Audinate's product refresh journey, sharing invaluable lessons learned from navigating the complexities of this transition. Central to our narrative is the pivotal role played by Zephyr RTOS, an open-source Linux Foundation project fostered by a passionate community of embedded enthusiasts. We will walk through our experience, exploring the strategic decisions, technical intricacies, and highlighting how Zephyr's openness aligns seamlessly with Audinate's vision for the next generation of Dante, unlocking new possibilities in the realm of audio networking.