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  • Toby Bellwood

    Toby Bellwood

    Toby has been the Lagoon Lead at since early 2020, overseeing the Application Development Platform's transition into Kubernetes, introducing some serious enhancements around managing multiple sites, and bringing features online to support our largest users. Prior to joining, Toby led web and data teams and programs for the Australian Government (GovCMS,, and NationalMap).


This talk will give some insight into how my team builds and maintains our developer platform as a fully open-source product, which then underpins (our employer's, and some of their competition's) commercial offerings. We fully believe individually, as a team, and as an organization in open-source, and even though it may make some of our architectural decisions harder, it is a non-negotiable must-have. In this talk, I'll cover: * how we engage the extended communities, * how we encourage and nurture contribution, * how we've got to understand the various user mindsets, and * how our team fully embraces the open-source ethos I'll also discuss how we balance the competing priorities (commercial vs open) in our development process and cover some examples of how transparency and participation in the process have led to more beneficial outcomes.