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  • Chris Chinchilla

    Chris Chinchilla

    I tell stories through documentation, blog posts, videos, books and more. I am a podcaster, video maker, and writer of interactive fiction and games. I also maintain several open-source utility projects, such as plugins for text and code editors. Currently, I am finding ways to combine my ex-life in sustainability charities with tech.


"The internet" has the same carbon impact as the airline industry. However, this number is probably much higher as it doesn't include a wide gamut of other impacts of application development and implementation, such as phone apps, desktop applications, or even the impact of websites and apps on users' own devices. As developers, designers, product owners, infrastructure engineers, and users, we can all play our part to help reduce our work's impact on the planet. In this presentation, I look at practical options for reducing the impact of components and decisions across the application development stack, including: - Where to host applications and services and how to optimise usage of them - How programming language choices can affect carbon impact - How to optimise other assets and services you use for sustainability - How to monitor the effectiveness of changes and decisions