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  • Andrew Donnellan

    Andrew Donnellan

    Andrew is a Linux kernel developer at IBM in Canberra, where he works on hardening the kernel on the IBM Power architecture (yes, IBM still makes some excellent computers). Outside of work, you'll find him involved in his church, and loudly yelling at anyone who will listen about public transport, urban planning and housing policy.


syzkaller, an open source, coverage-guided kernel fuzzer developed at Google, has become a vital tool for kernel developers to find all sorts of bugs. For the past few years, it has consistently been among the top sources of Linux kernel bug reports, and has found quite a few security vulnerabilities. Google runs a large syzkaller instance in the cloud, which is a fantastic resource for the kernel community, but it can't test every platform. In this talk, we'll look at how my team set up a local syzkaller instance to fuzz the kernel on the IBM Power architecture, the challenges that we faced, and some of the bugs that we've found along the way.