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  • William Brown

    William Brown

    William is a Senior Software Engineer at SUSE Labs where he specialises in developing opensource identity management systems. As the creator of Kanidm and Webauthn for Rust, a W3C Webauthn Participant, a member of the 389 Directory Server team, and a former system administrator at a Group of Eight University, he has extensive experience in the IDM space. When not working on authentication, he can probably be found doing flips and spins on a pole.


As Kanidm has grown, we have needed to provide highly available setups for our users. This meant that we had to implement eventually consistent database replication. Given that this is one of the most fun.....difficult challenges in database design, I of course said "yolo, lets go". In this talk I'll talk about the concepts of no-sql databases, the different kinds of replication strategies used in other projects and the challenges of implementing a system like this. By the end you'll know more about replication than you ever wanted to know in your life. If this seems scary, fear not - you too can learn how this works and understand it just like I have!